Sympathy for the Devil – cover reveal & publication date

My new novel, Sympathy for the Devil, will be published on 10 September! Here’s the synopsis:

Margaret Thatcher has come back from the dead, and this time she’s got a challenger. Get ready for a fight for the Mother of All Parliaments. And her opponent?

68-year old Lucy is Margaret Thacher’s personal maid. When the former Prime Minister dies, Lucy suddenly finds herself with nothing to do and only a meagre pension to live on. But soon she’s thrust into a world of politics between a moribund Left Wing and a resurgent Far Right Wing. She must battle dragons, rent boys, dead clowns, symbols of a mythical pure England, and worst of all – ambitious politicians.

In the end, Lucy has to ask herself: will she save Britain from its own corrupt politicians? And will you want her to win?

Sympathy for the Devil is in equal parts comedy, fantastical tale of demons and rollicking action-adventure. The main character is a little old lady, Lucy, who is aided and abetted by her talking cat, Sam. Together they negotiate the perils of retirement while desperately trying not to face up to the truth: that Lucy, old, knackered, wrinkly, a drug addict and in desperate need of a nice sit down and a cup of tea, might just be the Antichrist.

To lead into publication, I am proud to reveal the cover art! It was put together by the very talented Bodil Juline, whose work you can view and buy on her etsy shop here:

Sympathy for the Devil will be available for pre-order on Kindle from 17 August, and released in paperback on 10 September. Tune in for more details about how to get your copy!

astro x


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