Planetfall teaser story

Hi everyone,

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be publishing new material in my Planetfall trilogy. This is the first extension to Book 1: All Fall Down since it was published in early 2013.

I’m really excited!

The teaser story isn’t Book 2 in the trilogy. That will come out towards the end of 2015 (or at least that’s the intention). The teaser is an integral part of the story, however. It is a small slice out of the normal realm of the Planetfall world you know from Book 1, and it introduces key characters into the Planetfall universe. Importantly it builds on the emotional themes of Book 1 – desperation, standing on the edge of world changing events, anxiety – and brings more texture and depth.

To ensure the teaser fits into the rest of the Planetall trilogy, it will come with its own book cover art work.

I’m building up to publication via the trilogy’s Facebook page. All the posts are connected to the story somehow, either by selecting imagery, technical issues for the scifi geeks, or emotional themes. Please ‘Like’ it to get exclusive news – I’ll be unveiling the cover art on there when it’s ready.

I hope your writing and reading is going well. Remember you can find me on Twitter @astrotomato, it would be great to hear from you.

Best wishes,

astro x


London writing group seeks new members


My writing group is looking for new members to join. Are you interested?

We are a serious writing group, and between us we have finished at least 2 novels each, self published works, have had plays produced or come 2nd place in national novel competitions.

We are looking for new members who:

  • can meet monthly for most months of the year (we meet on at least 10 out of 12 months)
  • are willing to share their own material for critique
  • will give some time to critique shared material from other members
  • are willing to learn and develop as writers, and
  • may be willing to host a meeting once every few months (we circulate between members).

Who are we?

My author profile is on Amazon here: I am principally a novelist, and am currently working on a political comedy. I have a few short film or TV pilot scripts under my belt, as well as a collection of short stories, and am an alumnus of City University.

Tara Basi is a Birkbeck writers alumnus and a novelist and playwright. He writes dystopian fiction and satirical plays/radio plays. He is self-publishing his first novel this year.

Max Novaz is also an alumnus of Birkbeck, and is principally a playwright of farces, with his first production recently performed in Bedford. Max is currently working on a novel, and editing a play set in a Spanish holiday resort.

We are open to fellow writers of all levels of experience. A fondness for Rioja would be advantageous!

If you are interested, we are happy to meet somewhere public, on a trial basis, and to share material with you in advance so you can gauge the quality of our work and personalities. We generally meet on the last Friday of the month, but we are open to this. (Fridays allow for a drink after the writing talk.)

Please contact me, Graeme, on or via DM on Twitter @astrotomato

All the best,

Graeme x