Planetfall teaser story

Hi everyone,

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be publishing new material in my Planetfall trilogy. This is the first extension to Book 1: All Fall Down since it was published in early 2013.

I’m really excited!

The teaser story isn’t Book 2 in the trilogy. That will come out towards the end of 2015 (or at least that’s the intention). The teaser is an integral part of the story, however. It is a small slice out of the normal realm of the Planetfall world you know from Book 1, and it introduces key characters into the Planetfall universe. Importantly it builds on the emotional themes of Book 1 – desperation, standing on the edge of world changing events, anxiety – and brings more texture and depth.

To ensure the teaser fits into the rest of the Planetall trilogy, it will come with its own book cover art work.

I’m building up to publication via the trilogy’s Facebook page. All the posts are connected to the story somehow, either by selecting imagery, technical issues for the scifi geeks, or emotional themes. Please ‘Like’ it to get exclusive news – I’ll be unveiling the cover art on there when it’s ready.

I hope your writing and reading is going well. Remember you can find me on Twitter @astrotomato, it would be great to hear from you.

Best wishes,

astro x


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