Competition time

To promote the launch of my first novel “Planetfall: All Fall Down” I am giving away two copies of the paperback in a competition.

All Fall Down is the first book in a trilogy. All Commander Kate Leland wants is to be promoted to General. When it’s handed to her on a plate in return for investigating the death of a scientist, she is plunged into self doubt. Is she up to the job? And why doesn’t the scientist’s death appear to be as simple as she was told? Before she knows it, General Leland is plunged into a race against time to save a planet and prevent a war. But is she up to the task?


planetfall cover art

Weaving together different plot threads set in cyberspace, on the surface of a desert planet, and in an underground colony, the first book in the planetfall series is scifi in the space opera mould. It also mixes in a government conspiracy which readers of Tom Clancy or Matthew Reilly would appreciate.


To win one of the two copies up for grabs, simply answer the three questions below. Send responses either as a reply to this post (I won’t approve the posts until after the competition closes, so that your answers aren’t shown to others), as a Direct Message on Twitter @astrotomato or to my email address


1. All Fall Down is set on a desert planet, where there are important minerals in the sand. Which famous science fiction book (and later film) was set on a desert planet devoid of water and full of giant worms?

2. All Fall Down is available in paperback and as an e-book. Which platform/website is each available from? (Hint: check my Store.)

3. The final question is actually just a question from you: what was your book of 2012? I’ll collate the competition entries and produce a list of favourite books from you all. There’s no right or wrong answer, I’m just looking to share reading tips!

The competition opens GMT 21:00 on Friday 18 January 2013 and closes at GMT 21:00 on Friday 25 January. All entrants must answer the three questions. I will pick the winner, and my decision is final, even if it’s rubbish. UK addresses only for this competition. Family is barred from entry to avoid claims of nepotism. Entries will be put into a hat and pulled out in the dark. The winners will be announced on this blog if they agree to having their names published.

Good luck, astro x


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