Editing Sympathy for the Devil

Writing update 26/08/2013

I finished a first draft of Sympathy for the Devil, my new novel. The novel started well, but I wrote it without a thought on overall plot, which meant it went awry near the end.

The first edit I’m doing is for grammar, fill in sentences and tidying up the dialect it was written in. I find it hard to edit when there are simple readability errors in the text.

The next edit will be for storyline. There are 2 significant sub-plots which need considerable strengthening or re-writing.

Overall, though, I’m please with the first draft, and looking forward to a stronger novel coming into shape throughout September and October.

I may post some sections of it as editing goes on – maybe of deleted material to give a taste of the novel’s tone.

Hope you are all enjoying your own writing,

astro x


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