About me

Hi. I’m an author and I live in Surrey near Horsell Common, where the Martians landed in War of the Worlds.

I have a proper job as a Sustainability Manager for a large social housing provider. Environmental issues are close to my heart, and themes of environmental protection, or of nature representing the inner turmoil of a character, often crop up in my writing.

This blog is all about my writing. I write under two names, “astrotomato” is the pseudonym I use for science fiction. General fiction is published under my real name, Graeme Maughan. You can probably tell from this that I am heavily influenced by Iain (M.) Banks.

I am an occasional photographer, and you can view my photos on Flickr. I also talk a lot of nonsense on Twitter.

I have a (rarely updated) Tumblr account here: astrotomato.tumblr

Or visit the Google+ page for my space opera trilogy, Planetfall.

Pop by, say hello, share a joke.


3 thoughts on “About me

    • Hi Dominique, happy to hear you liked the book!
      What would you like more of? Tales from the Backpackers in the book, or more from me generally?



  1. Dominique says:

    Hi Graeme, as I’ve only read Backpackers so far and I’m addicted to traveller stories I would love to read more of those. However, I really like your writing style and will definitely read your other books as well, so I’ll let myself be surprised 🙂


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