astro’s bookshop

astro’s bookshop


My novels are available from either Amazon or Lulu. They tend to be cheaper on Lulu because of the way the pricing structures work.

1. planetfall: all fall down

Logline: What if you dreamed of making first contact, but knew it would lead to war?


Synopsis: When a scientist dies on a classified military colony world, General Kate Leland is brought in to investigate. The more she uncovers about the scientist’s death, the closer she comes to understanding that there is more to the planet Fall than meets the eye. But can she uncover the colony administrator’s plot to start a war with an alien species before it’s too late?

Visit my author page on Amazon.

Visit my author page on Lulu.


2. Backpackers

Synopsis: Cath meets rock star Jack Wolf on the beach of a small island near Bali. They fall for each other and have a holiday romance. Cut to ten years later. Jack is the biggest star on the planet, but he’s screwed up on drugs and hates himself. He attempts suicide, but is saved by his manager. Jack embarks on a six month quest to track down Cath. What happened after they parted ten years earlier? And why did she reject him when they bumped into each other further along the backpacker trail a couple of months later?

Across a series of short stories, each about a different backpacker that Cath meets along her panicked journey through South East Asia, we slowly learn about what Cath is running from. And Jack slowly learns that Cath may no longer be alive.

Visit my author page on Amazon.

Visit my author page on Lulu.


dark things cover2Synopsis: five short stories of urban fiction and dystopian scifi.

Features reader favourite “LifePlan”, in which a future government has implemented the ultimate control over individual biology to ensure peace. Will Frank be able to break his biological programming to attend his sister’s wedding? And what might be the consequences?

LifePlan is compared to “Fifty Shades of Grey on bad acid” and Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror”.

The short story collection is rated as 5 stars on the Kindle page by all readers.


4. Ayla’s Journey – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

AylaCover5Synopsis: A children’s fantasy, inspired by the worlds of Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton.

Eight year old Ayla wakes on a bus, unable to remember who she is or how she got there. As the bus approaches each bus stop a new passenger comes on board. As Ayla discovers more about each character she discovers more about her own character. But can she complete her journey before the dreaded Bus Conductor catches her?


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